Buried Bombshell: biden-harris Regime Quietly Shuts Down U.N.’s Weaponized Illegal Alien Center… But Did They Really?

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(NOQ Report) The Neo-Marxist and globalist push to get as many illegal aliens into the United States as possible is being fueled by an under-the-radar yet massive operation in Panama. Some have been blowing the whistle about it for a year but it has never received the attention it deserves. Now, it is being shut down based on reporting from conservative media… or is it?

First, the background. Here’s a report by Ben Bergquam from Frontline America:

Who’s involved in it? The Biden-Harris regime put it all together in 2021. The United Nations is all over the former U.S. base. The International Organization for Migration, or IOM-OIM, seems to be running the show. Meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation is directly involved, though it’s unclear whether they’re using it to launder money, push more illegal aliens into America, or both. It’s probably both.

Allegedly, the operation was shut down this week. I’m not buying it. Considering how much seems to be invested into this, reports that the operation has been shut down by Alejandro Mayorkas and the Biden-Harris regime seem more like a misdirecting response to recent attention rather than an actual action.

Natural News and Breitbart both report that the move…

Buried Bombshell: Biden-Harris Regime Quietly Shuts Down U.N.’s Weaponized Illegal Alien Center… Or Did They?