Democrats Push Green Card Giveaway for Fortune 500 Execs, Foreign Workers

(Breitbart) House Democrats are working with a handful of Republican legislators to pass a visa bill that would supercharge the citizenship incentives for Indians and Chinese to take Fortune 500 white-collar careers from indebted American graduates.

The visa giveaway in the EAGLE Act of 2022 threatens the careers of many American graduates — including many graduates who once voted Republican but recently provided critical swing vote support for the Democrats in the 2022 election.

The act is also being debated even though the much-criticized backlog of migrant graduates has fallen sharply since 2020. The backlog fell because President Joe Biden’s deputies converted green cards for chain-migration families into green cards for Fortune 500 workers.

“FAIR firmly opposes the EAGLE Act (H.R. 3648),” says…

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