Ex Border Cheif: biden Soley to Blame!

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Biden blamed by own ex-border chief for soaring asylum cases, record immigration court backlog
The surge in pending asylum applications to enter the U.S. comes after an all-time high number of illegal border crossings this year.

(Just the News) The Biden administration is to blame for soaring asylum cases that have created a record years-long backlog in U.S. immigration courts, according to President Joe Biden’s own former Border Patrol chief.
"Several factors have contributed to this backlog, but the massive increase that we’re seeing today can be directly attributed to the Biden administration’s border and immigration policies," said Rodney Scott, who headed the Border Patrol in both the Trump and Biden administrations.
"When the Biden administration went against the recommendations of experienced career border security professionals, terminated the Migrant Protection Protocols, canceled the Asylum Cooperative Agreements, and lowered the bar for credible fear determinations," Scott continued, "they sent a message worldwide and opened the flood gates for anyone that could make up a sad story or recite the one that was provided to them by the cartel and so-called migrant aid organizations operating in Mexico."
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