HYPOCRISY: Liberal Elites Worry About Migrant Arrivals from Border States

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(Beitbart) While the liberal left certainly talks a big game when it comes to immigration, there is no doubt whatsoever that their lackadaisical attitude toward border security is contributing to a major humanitarian crisis here in the US.
But, worse still, they see the idea of restricting access to the border as cruel, or even “racist”.
And so, in an effort to educate and advocate, lawmakers in border cities and states have been busing and flying migrants to liberal locales in the the Midwest and Northeast. With the TV cameras on, these largely Democratic towns have been putting on a show of hospitality, while cursing the situation when the eyes of the nation are not upon them.
Now, liberal elites in major enclaves around the nation are growing concerned that they could be targeted next…Read the rest