Illegal Immigrants on Run Harass Texas Border Farmers

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(Fred Lucas, Daily Signal) MISSION, Texas—Many of the illegal immigrants who run through a grapefruit farm in the Rio Grande Valley owned by Sharon and Joe Waite aren’t those who feel secure enough to rely on the U.S. “catch and release” policy—meaning the migrants likely have a criminal record, the couple says.
Their 1,100-acre grapefruit farm and cattle ranch has been in Sharon Waite’s family since her grandfather founded it in 1922.
She and her husband Joe have lived on the property since 1988, but have had to adapt to a new flood of illegal immigrants not seen since fencing was erected in 2008 along part of the U.S.-Mexico border.
‘I used to walk around, photographing all over,” Sharon Waite told The Daily Signal during an interview at the couple’s farm…Read the rest at the Daily Signal