Inviting the wolves in and subsidizing them

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Nearly 400 Afghans Listed as ‘Potential Threats’ Resettled Across U.S. by Biden’s Agencies

(Trending Politics) Under Joe Biden’s watch, federal agencies allowed around 400 Afghan migrants who were deemed “potential threats to national security” to come to the U, according to an insider.
Following Biden’s reckless and tactless withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan which resulted in the Taliban forcefully taking control of the nation’s government in 2021, Biden scrambled to allow thousands of undocumented refugees to relocate to the US.
Almost none were screened or checked at any point during the process of resettling around 85,000 Afghani citizens across 46 states.
The Afghan refugee program will continue well into this year. Yet we have no idea who the majority of these people are, their background, whether or not they are indeed from Afghanistan at all or even if they have links to terror cells…Read the rest