It’s Time To End Mexican Cartels’ Reign of Terror

(What’s the difference between Mexican Cartel and Al Qaida? Al Qaida killed a lot less American citizens and you had to fly a very long way to drop bombs on them. What military sense does it spend 20 years, blood, and billions on a distant terrorist when you won’t easily wipe out the much more dangerous terror organization next door? – DD)

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(Real Clear Wire) Walking down long, ornate hallways, across a grand central courtyard adorned with a Pegasus-topped fountain, and through yet more corridors, our bipartisan delegation was guided to the offices of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for what we hoped would be a timely and useful meeting for our nations. Since the enactment of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), ongoing trade issues continue to flare up, and since the beginning of the Biden Administration our southern border with Mexico has deteriorated into a chaotic, dangerous, and lawless morass.

In the days leading up to this meeting, Americans were kidnapped and killed in a border town, record seizures of deadly fentanyl were made, elements of the Mexican military and state police invaded and took over corporate facilities owned and operated by U.S.-based companies, and we were notified that mass illegal immigration, driven by Mexican drug cartels, was again reaching historically unimaginable numbers. It was with these important issues in mind that we made last week’s trip to Mexico City to visit with the president of Mexico.

Perhaps it was too ambitious to believe our next-door neighbor, and largest trading partner, would be open to a discussion about how we could better work together for…

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