Joe Biden Could Secure The Border Today. Why not?

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(The Daily Caller) The American people can clearly see that the growing crisis on our southern border needs to end. However, this crisis will never end unless our Nation has a coherent strategy to solve this problem.

During the past two years, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has sidelined career Border Patrol agents — the operational experts — and became the first administration in American history to refuse to enforce our immigration laws. As a result of the administration’s reckless decisions, there were more than a quarter million border apprehensions in December 2022— the highest single month ever recorded.

For context, that figure is over 141% higher than the December average during the Trump administration.

Now, instead of admitting failure and implementing a new strategy, the Biden administration is blaming the “broken system” and faulting Congress for refusing to pass its amnesty bill. Though new laws have the potential to help secure the border, the Biden administration already has the authority it needs to address…

WOLF AND LAW: Joe Biden Could Secure The Border Today. Here’s How | The Daily Caller