Nearly 1000 Migrants March to U.S. Border Under Venezuelan Flag

(There’s a reason that Gen. Joe Shelby’s Iron Brigade dumped their battle flags into the Rio Grande in 1865 as they escaped into Mexico. If you cross a sovereign country’s border while flying your colors it is considered an invasion. Only in Amerika would you not be treated as such. Instead we give you free goodies. – DD)

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(The National Pulse) – Close to 1,000 illegal aliens who entered Mexico from Guatemala have banded together under a Venezuelan flag and are marching up a highway on the U.S. southern border, even being escorted by the Mexican National Guard.

“We just want to move forward, to fulfill our American dream and work, because we’re all workers here,” claimed a migrant who gave her name as Roseli Gloria in comments to the Associated Press. The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) recently reported that some 75 percent of the businesses they represent have unfilled vacancies, however.

Encounters between the U.S. authorities and migrants remain near record highs, and are significantly up on 2022. An expected further surge after President Joe Biden allowed Donald Trump-era Title 42 restrictions on illegal immigration to expire has so far failed to materialize, possibly due to the administration hastily assembling a package of replacement restrictions to forestall an embarrassing crisis ahead of an election year.

This has coincided with a wave of…

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