Open borders fosters increased identity theft

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(Joe Guzzardi, Highland County Press) Nefarious activities of a criminal organization that targeted Texans of Asian descent were exposed last month by The Dallas Morning News.

The Texas Department of Public Safety inadvertently shipped thousands of driver’s licenses to a New York-based group with felonious intent that has ties in other states. Department of Public Safety Chief Steve McCraw explained how the identity theft scam worked. The criminal actors fraudulently obtained the licenses, credit card information and other personal data on the dark web.

McCraw said that the criminals specifically targeted Asians of various backgrounds to find what he called potential “look-alikes” to match with Chinese nationals who have entered the country illegally. Once in possession of a Texas driver’s license, the illegal alien can exchange it for a license issued by the state in which he’s residing. At least 3,000 Texans have been affected, and an investigation is ongoing.

The black market for fake documents among…

Open borders fosters increased identity theft – The Highland County Press