Pelosi’s Racist Rant on Immigrants and Dixie

(When dementia sets in government supremacists lose their inner filter – DD)
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Pelosi Suggests Illegal Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Sent Up North; Florida Needs Them to Pick Crops

(Flag & Cross) During House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s weekly news briefing on Friday morning, she told reporters that America needs immigrants to pick the crops.
Yes, after spending the past two years declaring that half the country is racist, she matter-of-factly made that remark.
The Speaker acknowledged that while “we have a responsibility to secure our border, we also have a responsibility to recognize the importance of newcomers to our nation.”
She also called for “comprehensive immigration reform,” but failed to describe what form that should take. She likely wants to turn migrants into Democratic voters as soon as possible.
Pelosi continued, “We have a shortage of workers in our country and you see even in Florida…Read the rest