Resident biden’s open border policy fuels violence against women, children

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One in three migrant women report being sexually assaulted, while children are exploited through child pornography and drug trafficking

(FOX) Democrats, and their hype men in the corporate media, defend President Joe Biden’s criminal refusal to secure America’s southern border as chic, compassionate and welcoming.

But in truth, the border crisis is a cauldron of violence against women and children, the responsibility for which lies directly at the feet of the president, his administration and the woke elites who have enabled his monstrous policy.

The facts are not in dispute. They are simply not discussed in polite, progressive company.

Every nation south of our border knows full well that President Biden’s policy is to allow every illegal immigrant who can get to the United States to stay here. They know America’s soulless corporations love undocumented workers because, lacking legal rights, they accept lower wages and worse conditions than American citizens would….

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