Sen. Kennedy Worries That biden’s Trip to SW Border Is a Preface to Amnesty Bill

( – President Biden, speaking at a leaders’ summit in Mexico City on Tuesday, said he went to the Southwest border in El Paso, Texas, “to see the situation with my own eyes.”

But the “situation” he saw had been sanitized.

Biden never saw any migrants; and the makeshift camps lining El Paso’s city streets were removed before his arrival. While Biden was photographed at the kind of border wall he firmly opposes, he never saw the streams of humanity splashing across the Rio Grande to turn themselves in to overwhelmed border agents.

You think it’s bad now? Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said he has bigger worries — that Biden will introduce a bill promising border security in exchange for amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who are in this country now.

Here is Kennedy’s take on…

Sen. Kennedy Worries That Biden’s Trip to SW Border Is a Preface to Amnesty Bill | CNSNews