Terrorists pouring across biden’s porous border

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Illegals on Terrorist List Soars by 400% as Expert Warns a Major Attack Could be Imminent

(Trending Politics) The number of illegal migrants who are on terror watch lists rose by a frightening 400 percent in 2022 as an expert warns groups may already be in the throngs of plotting a major terror attack on US soil.
According to data from US Customs and Border Protection, there have been as many as 78 encounters with migrants who were on the US terrorist list this year, compared to 15 in 2021.
The FBI defines a terrorist as an individual or group who commits violent acts on behalf of a religious or political ideology. Groups on the official terror list include every known sect of ISIS, Hamas, the IRA, and the United Self Defense Forces of Columbia.
As an unprecedented number of illegal migrants swarm over the US-Mexico border every day, the likelihood that violent criminals including terrorists are among the numbers is almost certain…Read the rest