Too Bad Lefties – Americans Are Not as Outraged Over Busing Illegals as the Elites Had Hoped

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(Pj Media) It would appear that the outrage over sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is largely limited to politicians looking for sound bites and well-heeled liberals looking for golf balls under the furniture and corkscrews in the liquor cabinet. The rest of America? Well, not so much.
National Review has the results of a CRC Research poll conducted for the 85 Fund which asked if sanctuary cities should share the burden of the immigrant surge along with border towns. Sixty-three percent of likely voters agreed. As would be expected, 78% of Republicans who were contacted agreed, along with 63% of those who identified as independents. But…wait for it… that number also included 51% of the Democrats who responded.
The Blaze has news of a Morning Consult/Politico national tracking poll indicating that 41% of Hispanic respondents said that the moves were appropriate, as opposed to 35% who disagreed. Twenty-five percent were undecided. One-third said that the efforts were morally sound, while 39% said they were immoral.
The release of this polling data comes after Govs. Greg Abbott (R-Texas), Doug Ducey (R-Ariz.), and Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) sent immigrants to sanctuary cities, including Martha’s Vineyard…Read the rest