“Unlawful, Unconstitutional, and Unenforceable,” the Lurking Dangers of Open Borders

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(America Out Loud) More than 6.5 million alien migrants have invaded the United States since Joe Biden became President and opened the U.S. southern border to anyone claiming asylum. More than this, Joe Biden has vocally encouraged oppressed aliens to travel to America and make their claim for asylum, eventual amnesty, and citizenship.

Under U.S. law, people who flee their countries for “credible fear” of persecution can apply for asylum. However, not only has the recent flood of alien migrants shattered all prior U.S. migration records, but apparently, 90% of recent foreign migrants have no credible basis for their asylum claims and are here illegally.

Biden administration-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have instructed many migrant asylum seekers on what to say to Border Patrol agents to claim asylum. Yet, most of these foreigners are not fleeing life-threatening circumstances but instead are looking for better economic opportunities.

Nevertheless, using the unlawful and unconstitutional machinations of Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, the administration continues to cook up other ways to pack millions more would-be illegal aliens into America before some legal authority demands a hard stop.short, Homeland Security refuses to enforce lawful immigration and instead promotes disingenuous schemes to admit foreign nationals as asylum seekers. They aim to admit as many government-dependent people as possible, hoping these millions will change U.S. demography and voting patterns in predominantly Republican lead states.

Stepping back for a moment, you may ask when the U.S. policy on immigration changed from controlled and lawful to wide open…

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