Washington Post Wants to ‘Celebrate’ as Migrants Replace Americans

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(Breitbart) Americans should celebrate the inflow of migrants into new jobs throughout the economy, even as many American men remain on the economic sidelines, says a Washington Post columnist.

The “share of prime-working-age men in the workforce still hasn’t matched its February 2020 peak [and] is also far below historical highs,” said the June 2 “Celebrate” column by Catherine Rampell.

But more migrants and women are streaming into new jobs, Rampell wrote, adding, “Let’s celebrate the underdogs helping supercharge our economy.”

Rampell’s column celebrates President Joe Biden’s great migration which has smuggled roughly 4 million migrants over the southern border. The illegal inflow is in addition to the normal airport inflow of roughly 1 million legal immigrants, and the fast-growing inflow of legal and illegal white-collar…

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