As illegal immigration surges, so do drug trade, human trafficking

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‘Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime,’ says Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

(Just the News) he surge in the number of migrants trying to cross the southern border and enter the U.S. illegally is facilitating the flow of drugs and human trafficking into the country, with both the American people and the migrants themselves suffering as a result, according to experts and former officials who spoke to Just the News.
"The higher the flow of illegal immigration, the more inability we have to secure the border, and the more operational control we hand over to the cartels," said Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). "When illegal immigration is up, the more Border Patrol is relegated to a travel agency for illegal immigrants."
Morgan said that when an overwhelming number of illegals are entering the country, large numbers of border agents — about half the agents on duty at any given time — have to be pulled off…Read the rest at Just the News

Border Morale in the Toilet

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Border Patrol union reps say morale ‘in the toilet’ amid Biden admin policies, migrant surge
CBP union official says he’s ‘never seen it this bad’ as officers struggle to keep up with border surge

(Fox) MCALLEN, Texas – Border Patrol union members are saying morale among their ranks is tanking under the Biden administration, blaming policies that allegedly encourage the massive southern border surge, reducing their capacity to catch criminals.
"Morale is in the toilet. I mean, I’ve been here 20 going on 21 years. I’ve never seen it this bad," National Border Patrol Council spokesman Chris Cabrera told Fox News Digital.
"When you have all we have going on now with the administration just flat out calling our guys racists with the stuff that happened out in Eagle Pass or Del Rio, when you’re allowing people to come over and in a sense just flaunt the rules right in your face, we’re not doing what we’re hired to do," Cabrera continued…Read the rest at Fox News

Fleeing the People’s Republic of CA for Mexico

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YIKES: Californians Having to Flee to Mexico to Escape Bidenflation

(Trending Politics) Things in Biden’s America are now going so far downhill that Americans are having to flee from their home nation to Mexico to escape rapidly, painfully rising prices.
That’s right: while vast hordes of impoverished, uneducated, and unskilled Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans traverse the barren hills and searing deserts of the southern border to cross over into the US, headed across in the other direction are relatively educated and wealthy Americans, leaving their homes to escape the disaster wrought by decades of liberal misrule in California made all the worse by Brandon’s “leadership.”
Reporting on that in a shocking article on the subject of the mass exodus from California not just to other American states but even to the nearly third world country to our southern border, Mexico, the Daily Mai…

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(Blacklisted News) The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday that immigrants detained in the United States are not entitled to a bond hearing, a decision that means that the thousands of people with open immigration cases who are currently in federal holding facilities can continue to be detained indefinitely.
The high court also ruled that federal courts lack the authority to grant class-wide relief to detainees. In other words, if any detainees want to argue in the future that they have a right to a bond hearing, they will need to bring their cases individually, despite the fact that immigrants are not entitled to counsel during immigration proceedings.
The Court’s ruling maintains the status quo. For-profit corporations, like Geo Group and others, currently detain thousands of immigrants in prison-like centers. Such immigrants are not charged with a crime, nor do they have a right to a hearing justifying their detention. The Court also maintains the U.S. government’s broad discretion over immigrant detention, ruling that immigrants can only have a bond hearing if the government says so…Read the rest at Blacklisted News

Mexico breaks up massive migrant caravan but gives migrants free pass to travel to US

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(The Blaze) A migrant caravan headed for the U.S. southern border that at one time numbered nearly 10,000 people has dissolved, Mexican authorities said Saturday. However, caravan organizers say the migrants will still attempt to travel across Mexico to the United States seeking asylum.
Mexican immigration authorities said Saturday the migrants were given temporary visas, called migratory multiple forms, which will permit them to freely remain in Mexico. An agreement was reached after the Mexican National Institute of Migration spoke with caravan organizers from Central America, Venezuela, Haiti, and other countries, CNN reported…Read the rest at the Blaze