‘Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities’: Voltaire Hits the Nail on Libera ls’ Heads

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(Right Edition) The French writer Voltaire lived in the 18th century but his words spell out today’s Democrats’ playbook perfectly. If you can get someone to believe a brutal lie, then you can inspire those people to do horrible things. It’s like Voltaire is running the DNC today. Let’s take a look at three absurd lies spread by elected toilet humans on the left, and the atrocious carnage that has resulted from those lies. Most importantly, we will see who has paid the price for the decimation the Democrats have caused with their fantasy whoppers…
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End the Culture War. Separate School and State

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Ron Paul, LewRockwell.Com) A Florida bill restricting classroom instruction regarding sexuality in kindergarten through third grade has become the latest culture war skirmish.
Supporters of the bill say government schools have no business being involved in this type of instruction with young students. They make a good point. The use of government power to indoctrinate children in certain political and social beliefs — regardless of the wishes of parents — is a major problem.
While the instruction at issue in Florida is associated with efforts of leftists, the temptation to seek to achieve ideological objectives through education policy can be strong among conservatives as well.
The Ohio legislature is considering a bill similar to the Florida bill. Because the Ohio bill applies to private schools participating in Ohio’s taxpayer-funded school voucher program in addition to government schools, conservative legislators supporting the Ohio bill are vindicating the warning of conservatives and libertarians that allowing government to subsidize private school tuition would lead to government control of private schools…
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Georgia Governor Signs Bills to Ban Wokeness in Schools

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‘This Should Not Be Controversial’: Georgia Governor Signs Bills to Banish Wokeness From Schools

(Daily Signal) Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, signed seven education bills into law Thursday taking aim at wokeness in schools, including legislation that limits discussions about race in classrooms and transgender students’ ability to compete in women’s sports.
The bills included Georgia’s Parents’ Bill of Rights, or HB 1178, which “provides greater transparency to parents and legal guardians regarding what their student is being taught in school and protects the fundamental right of moms and dads across this state to direct the education of their child,” according to a press release…Read the rest at the Daily Signal

Kirk Cameron: public schools have become public enemy No. 1

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Kirk Cameron says public schools have become ‘public enemy No. 1,’ calls for Americans to put their faith in a ‘homeschool awakening’ in new documentary

(The Blaze) Kirk Cameron is calling for Americans to put their faith into a "homeschool awakening" in his upcoming documentary. Cameron warns that there is a need to shift to homeschooling children because of the "immoral things that the public school system has been teaching our children."
This week, Cameron announced a new documentary titled "The Homeschool Awakening" – which he has been working on for the last two and a half years…

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Parents Fight Back in NC

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I Couldn’t Just Sit on the Sidelines Anymore’: North Carolina Parents Run for Local School Boards

(Matt MacGregor, Epoch Times) NORTH CAROLINA—Like many parents who chose to run for their district school boards this year, Crissy Pratt had never been involved in local politics.
That changed during the COVID-19 lockdowns when Pratt began watching the live-streamed Guilford County Board of Education meetings in North Carolina to keep up with the ever-changing COVID restrictions.
What she saw left her furious.
“By the end of most meetings I was screaming at the television,” Pratt told The Epoch Times. “None of the board members were talking about what was best for kids, or how to better educate them and improve their test scores.”
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