Strange World! US Nuke Sub Clocks Super-Fast Underwater UFO

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US Submarine Witnessed Underwater Object Moving Fast Than Speed of Sound

(Flag & Cross) A strange new realization has arrived in the world of Ufology, and we have the US Navy to thank for it.
The infamous USS Nimitz UFO incident, in which pilots locked on to and filmed an impossibly fast and maneuverable object over the Pacific Ocean, was one of the first few public incidents in which credible eyewitnesses reported that these unidentified objects were not only moving through the air with physics-shattering finesse, but that they were also seamlessly entering and exiting the ocean as well.
Now, a scientist who once did secretive work aboard a US nuclear submarine is coming clean about a similarly terrifying incident he experienced some years prior to the Nimitz encounter.
A nuclear submarine was buzzed by an unidentified object – travelling under water faster than the speed of sound.
The claim came from a scientist who…Read the rest

The Lincoln Myth as Fact?

(Brion McClanahan)

The political left is the single most destructive force in the history of the West.

It’s not even close.

But they would be powerless without certain myths that give their positions the supposed moral high ground.

Most of this involves “emotivism.”

Equity, equality, fairness, justice, rights, etc. are all based on an emotional concept of moral righteousness.

In some cases, this is justified, like when someone steals your stuff, you want justice.

In other instances, this revolves around a supposed “injustice” than the pain of Confederate monuments.

In the United States, these emotional issues would not be possible without the Lincoln Myth, the idea that the Great Emancipator, the Republican Party, and a bunch of Yankee do-gooders swooped in and saved the United States from moral evil.

Their moral self-righteousness is based on a false understanding…

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The myth of the ‘stolen country’

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What should the Europeans have done with the New World?

(Jeff Fynn-Paul, The Spectator) Last month, in the middle of the Covid panic, a group of first-year university students at the University of Connecticut were welcomed to their campus via a series of online ‘events’. At one event, students were directed to download an app for their phones. The app allowed students to input their home address, and it would piously inform them from which group of Native Americans their home had been ‘stolen’.
We all know the interpretation of history on which this app is based. The United States was founded by a monumental act of genocide, accompanied by larceny on the grandest scale. Animated by racism and a sense of civilisational superiority, Columbus and his ilk sailed to the New World. They exterminated whomever they could, enslaved the rest, and intentionally spread smallpox in hopes of solving the ‘native question’. Soon afterwards, they began importing slave labour from Africa. They then built the world’s richest country out of a combination of stolen land, wanton environmental destruction and African slave labour. To crown it all, they have the audacity to call themselves a great country and pretend to moral superiority.
This ‘stolen country’ paradigm has spread like wildfire throughout the British diaspora in recent years. The BBC recently ran a piece on the 400th anniversary of the Plymouth landings, whose author took obvious delight…Read the rest

The Big Rig: AZ Officials Coerced with Jail to Certify Flawed Election

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Chilling Video: County Board Member Says He Has to Certify Arizona Election or He’ll Be Arrested

(Western Journal) With voter’s faith in the election process for Arizona at an all-time low, the state moved to silence future questions from election officials.
Ron Gould, Mohave County Board of Supervisors chairman, asserted that he did not have a choice when it came to certifying the results of the recent election.
“I found out today that I have no choice but to vote [in favor of approving the canvass], or I’ll be arrested and charged with a felony,” Gould said.
“I don’t think that that is what our founders had in mind when they used the democratic process to elect our leaders, or some form of self-government. And I find that very disheartening.”…
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#NATIONALDIVORCE: It’s The Best Case Scenario

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Our Best-Case Scenario: A Negotiated Breakup

(Kurt Andersen, New Republic) It’s not unreasonable to think that we can make out the shape of things to come 28 years in the future. It was right around 28 years ago that the foundations of now emerged: about-to-be ubiquitous personal computers and the internet, cell phones, Fox News, conservative hegemony on economic and social policy, exploding inequality, ultra-assholes’ takeover of the GOP, “political correctness,” and more. On the other hand, grand extrapolations can be folly: The 1990s were also when Francis Fukuyama’s End of History dream—liberal democracy and capitalist prosperity, universal and permanent!—became conventional wisdom. Briefly.
Anyhow, cutting to the chase: I think it’s likely the United States won’t exist in its current form in 2050, that we’ll split into two (or more) independent entities. I’d put the chances of breakup at the lower end of what classic CIA estimates define as “probable”—75 percent certain, “give or take about 12 percent.”
That’s a minority opinion in America…Read the rest