“Elon Musk Bought a Crime Scene and Is Releasing Receipts”

Lauren Boebert: “Elon Musk Bought a Crime Scene and Is Releasing Receipts”

(NOQ Report) Of all the quips Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has dropped in her time on Capitol Hill, this one might be my favorite. It’s short and very clever… sort of like Boebert herself.

In reference to the drop of the “Twitter Files,” Boebert posted a Tweet that breaks down the political implications in under 280-characters:

We all knew Big Tech conspired, censored, and spread misinformation to help Leftists win. @ElonMusk bought a crime scene and is releasing receipts. Facebook, Google, and the other Silicon Valley overlords also need to be exposed. On 1/3, the subpoenas should start...

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Who Is Really Controlling What News You See?

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There is an invisible influence that has enormous control over what and how news is reported.

(Mark Alexander, Patriot Post) Earlier this week, our team wrote about the latest maneuver in the Left’s war on free speech, the coordinated attack against Twitter, whose new owner, Elon Musk, is determined to eliminate that platform’s suppression of free speech.
You may not have an account with Twitter or that other social media giant, Facebook, which is maintaining its allegiance to Big Gov and Demo speech suppressors. But make no mistake: Those platforms are major influencers of public opinion and, by extension, elections. Thus, they have a major impact on the future of American Liberty if they are successful in suppressing the voices of those of us who support and defend it.
Yeah, I know. Before Musk took over, Twitter was the biggest of the Big Tech speech suppressors. That platform, in collusion with the Democrat Party and its Leftmedia propagandists, led the charge just ahead of the 2020 election to conceal the blockbuster Biden/ChiCom pay-to-play schemes that were detailed on Hunter Biden’s laptop.
So, what changed? Musk announced his platform would no longer wantonly target conservative…
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Ron Paul – Separate Tech and State!

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(Ron Paul, Activist Post) Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) recently got in touch with his inner mobster and threatened Elon Musk — the new owner of Twitter and the CEO of electric car company Tesla and space ventures company SpaceX. He told Musk, “Fix your companies” or “Congress will.” As part of this threat, Markey referred to an ongoing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation into Tesla’s autopilot driving system and Twitter’s 2011 consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
Markey has done more than make threats: He is one of a group of Democratic senators who wrote to the FTC urging an investigation into whether Musk’s actions as the new owner of Twitter violated the consent decree or consumer protection laws. Since FTC Chair Lina Khan wants to investigate as many businesses as possible, it is likely she will respond favorably to the senators’ letter.
President Biden has also endorsed an investigation into the role foreign investors played in financing Musk’s Twitter purchase. Biden may be concerned that Musk is not likely to ban tweets regarding Hunter Biden’s business deals.
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White House’s former ‘disinformation czar’ registers as a foreign agent

She Always Was! – DD
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White House’s former ‘disinformation czar’ Nina Jankowicz registers as a foreign agent
Nina Jankowicz served briefly as executive director for the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board

(FOX) The White House’s former "disinformation czar" has recently registered as a foreign agent for a non-profit that is based in the United Kingdom.
Registration documents viewed by Fox News Digital show that Nina Jankowicz is now working for "Centre for Information Resilience."
According to its website, CIR is an "independent, non-profit social enterprise dedicated to countering disinformation, exposing human rights abuses, and combating online behavior harmful to women and minorities."
Founded by U.K. citizen Adam Rutland and dual U.K.-U.S. national Ross Burley, the organization says it conducts research, digital investigations, strategic communications, building the capacity of local partners, and collaborating with media…
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The Man You’re Not Allowed to Hear

(Tom Woods, LewRockwell.com)

We all know there are certain topics that the Big Tech platforms — YouTube especially — won’t let you discuss.

Or, put more precisely, since so much content is released on these platforms they probably won’t be able to take down literally every post on a particular topic, but you always have to be looking over your shoulder, wondering if your post — or indeed your entire account — will be deleted.

One of those topics, of course, is the 2020 election.

I have seen people have YouTube videos removed simply for mentioning that other people have questioned the results. That’s how ridiculous it is.

Well, here’s a bizarre twist.

You’ll remember the guy known as the Q Shaman,…

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