Draconian COVID policies in Australia may be coming to the US

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One thing about Americans: they love Australia. Most Americans have never been there. It’s an awfully long way away. But when Americans think of Australia, they imagine a freer, tougher version of themselves. Steve Irwin, Crocodile Dundee, that kind of thing. So there’s a huge reserve of affection in the United States for Australia, its culture, and its people. It’s also possible most Americans, us included, have not updated our assumptions about Australia in a while. The modern reality is a little different from what we imagine.

Case and point: In June of 2019, federal police in Sydney, Australia raided the offices of the state broadcaster, ABC. They weren’t at all unclear about why they were raiding the offices. They said it out loud. Just days before the raid, ABC broadcast allegations from a whistleblower that embarrassed Australia’s government. This whistleblower said that Australia’s military leaders had killed civilians in Afghanistan, including children, and had lied about it. ABC broadcast that story.

It wasn’t a crime to broadcast the story,…

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Are Capitol Rioters ‘Political Prisoners’? Many Voters Say Yes 

Nearly half of voters agree with claims by organizers of a rally planned for Saturday in D.C. that those charged with participating in the January 6 Capitol riot are “political prisoners.”

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters agree that protesters arrested during the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol are being held as “political prisoners,” including 30% who Strongly Agree. Forty-two percent (42%) disagree, including 33% who Strongly Disagree. (To see survey question wording, click here.)


Source: Are Capitol Rioters ‘Political Prisoners’? Many Voters Say Yes – Rasmussen Reports®

Groups push back against Biden’s plan to grant IRS access to your bank account

Banking industry officials and other financial services firms are bracing for a long fight over a bill that will require banks to share consumer account information with the Internal Revenue Service to boost federal tax revenue.

This notion originally gained traction this spring within the American Families Plan by the Biden administration. But bankers and even some consumer groups have slammed it as a compliance concern and a privacy issue. Financial institutions already provide the IRS with large quantities of data.

As part of the 3.5 trillion dollar budget reconciliation package proposed by the Biden administration, legislators are considering this invasive proposal as an income source to fund the massive budget.

The Biden administration argued that bank surveillance…

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CRT: A Clear and Present Danger 

Critical Race Theory Aims to Turn Students Into ‘Red Guards,’ Chinese American Warns

Critical race theory (CRT) aims to indoctrinate students and turn them into “Red Guards,” akin to those during the Cultural Revolution in China, warned Xi Van Fleet, a Chinese-American living in northern Virginia’s Loudoun County, at a “Rally to Save Our Schools” event on Sept. 8.

She called CRT “communist race tactics” with the goal of “indoctrinating our kids, dividing Americans, and controlling Americans.”

She added that she would talk to Chinese-language media to tell Chinese-Americans not to stay silent.

“If you still want to enjoy the prosperity and the freedom of this country, now it’s your turn—join the fight,” she said.

She said that upon taking over China in 1949, the first thing the CCP did was to indoctrinate teachers with Marxist ideology so they could teach it to students. Red Guards were the “full display” of what indoctrinated children could do, she said.

Source: Critical Race Theory Aims to Turn Students Into ‘Red Guards,’ Chinese American Warns