The US Pledges “Climate Reparations” to Other Countries While Americans Freeze and Become Homeless

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(Activist Post) More people than ever are facing dire circumstances, and we’re just getting started with this economic disaster. And what is our government doing?
Why, they’re giving our money away.
To other countries, no less.
The U.S. government agreed to pay “climate reparations.”
But the plight of our own countrymen seems to be less important than those in other countries affected by climate change. The United States has just agreed to pay up to a billion dollars to poor countries for “climate reparations.” As per an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal:

The use of climate policy to soak Americans keeps getting worse, and the United Nation’s climate conference in Egypt ended this weekend with agreement on a new fund to pay reparations to poor countries. Welcome to the latest climate shakedown.

The 2015 Paris accord suggested rich countries compensate poor countries for climate damage—the rationale being that industrialization has increased temperatures…

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Big Brother Is Nudging You. Don’t be a pushover!

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(Climate Sceptic) Released a few weeks ago, without much fanfare, so far I have been able to see, was a rather sinister report produced by the House Of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee (its first report of the 2022-23 session). Titled “In our hands: behaviour change for climate and environmental goals”, a few members of the unelected House of Lords seek to push behaviour change by the British public in order to achieve the objectives of the unelected Climate Change Committee. It smacks more of Big Brother and less of democracy, so far as I can see.
Including endpieces, index and appendices, it runs to 140 pages, an opening summary, nine chapters, a further summary of conclusions and recommendations, and six appendices. A detailed in-depth study of its findings is beyond the scope of a short article here, but there’s plenty to be concerned about, even from a quick overview. 1984-style Newspeak abounds.
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Biden torched for agreeing to climate reparations: Is this an ‘Onion’ headline?

“Outnumbered” criticized the move as the “opposite of America first.”


President Biden faced swift backlash after promising up to $1 billion for “climate reparations” for poor countries that have suffered damages due to the use of fossil fuels.

China, however, was deemed a “developing nation” and is not required to contribute funds, despite being the world’s top polluter and having one of the largest economies. “Outnumbered” co-host Emily Compagno called the decision “utter nonsense” and questioned whether it was a satirical story from “The Onion.”

“What part of common sense is this?” she asked the panel.

Co-host Kayleigh McEnany argued this is the opposite of an America-first agenda.

“This is what President Biden wants,” she said. “China has two-thirds more emissions than the United States and Europe. So they go on emitting…

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Government Supremacist Schwab Wants to Dictate the World

WEF’s Klaus Schwab Gives Speech To G20 On The “Need To Restructure The World”

(Activist Post) Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum find themselves waiting around for the next global crisis event after the covid pandemic turned out to be much less threatening to the public than they had originally hoped.

In the meantime, Schwab continues to pontificate on the virtues of the “Great Reset” and the usefulness of crisis as a means to accomplish a “restructuring” of the current world order.

The restructuring that the WEF obsesses over is a global socialist system based on Schwab’s concepts of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Shared Economy and Stakeholder Capitalism (corporate governance).

He does not say much in terms of planning in his speech to the G20, but he does imply that while fragmentation is necessary, too much fragmentation could be troublesome. In other words, controlled chaos is valuable to the globalist agenda…

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At Climate Summit, Elites Chow Down on Gourmet Meats While Telling Us to Eat Bugs

(PJ Media) George Carlin said it years ago: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club. And by the way, it’s the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head in their media telling you what to believe, what to think, and what to buy. The table is tilted folks. The game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.”

Need proof? Check out the United Nations’ big COP27 climate summit that is going on in Egypt right now, attended by Old Joe Biden and other alleged world leaders: while telling us to eat bugs, they are dining on the most sumptuous fare imaginable. Are they so secure in their elite status that they can flaunt it in front of our faces without fear of adverse electoral consequences? Sure looks that way.

The UK’s Daily Mail reported Monday…

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