GOOD WORK! SCV sponsoring families for Christmas through Cullman (AL) Caring for Kids

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(Cullman Times) The Sons of Confederate Veterans Thomas Jefferson Denney Camp #1442 of Cullman, presented a check to Cullman Caring for Kids Thursday, Dec. 1, to sponsor four families for Christmas.
These donated funds, raised from the camp’s yearly fundraisers, are the SCV’s way of giving back to Cullman County. One of the main camp fundraisers, for nearly seven years, is the annual cooked meat sale at Willingham Salvage. The camp pre-sales ribs, butts, or chickens for a donation, and then smokes the meat for pick-up. Much of these proceeds allow the camp to continually donate to local organizations. SCV members appreciate the continued support it has received from the community as well as… Read the rest

The Lincoln Myth as Fact?

(Brion McClanahan)

The political left is the single most destructive force in the history of the West.

It’s not even close.

But they would be powerless without certain myths that give their positions the supposed moral high ground.

Most of this involves “emotivism.”

Equity, equality, fairness, justice, rights, etc. are all based on an emotional concept of moral righteousness.

In some cases, this is justified, like when someone steals your stuff, you want justice.

In other instances, this revolves around a supposed “injustice” than the pain of Confederate monuments.

In the United States, these emotional issues would not be possible without the Lincoln Myth, the idea that the Great Emancipator, the Republican Party, and a bunch of Yankee do-gooders swooped in and saved the United States from moral evil.

Their moral self-righteousness is based on a false understanding…

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Can America Be Prosperous Without Confederate History?

(Chad Prather Show) Has America forgotten its past? Dr. Brion McClanahan, an author and historian, joins the podcast to discuss how the Left’s decision to erase America’s past is the wrong way to learn from history. During the 2020 “summer of love,” Antifa and the Left decided to remove or rename about 73 Confederate monuments. A 2021 report found, “168 Confederate symbols were removed across the United States in 2020.” Why is the Left so quick to erase the past? And can you help stop this madness? 


Pamunkey, Mattaponi Tribes Present Tribute in 345th Ceremony Since 1677 Treaty

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(VA Star) Representatives of the Pamunkey and Mattaponi tribes presented Governor Glenn Youngkin with a tribute of deer and tribal gifts, the 345th time tribes have presented tribute to the Virginia governor since the 1677 signing of the Articles of Peace, later known as the Treaty of Middle Plantation.
“At this time we’re here honoring our treaty obligations that I am so proud that the Pamunkey and the Mattaponi have been able to continue for over three centuries doing this. It’s a great honor,” Pamunkey Chief Robert Gray said in the Wednesday ceremony. “And we also thank the Commonwealth of Virginia for what they’ve done for us over the years.”
After colonists attacked some tribes during Bacon’s Rebellion, King Charles II agreed to grant protection to a group of tribes united under Pamunkey Chief Cockacoeske, called the “Queen of the Pamunkey” in the treaty, according…Read the rest

Un-Cancelling Lee

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(Bacon’s Rebellion) Douglas Murray, author of “War on the West,” has launched a new videocast series entitled, Uncancelled History. In Episode 1, he interviews Jonathan Horn, author of “The Man Who Would Not Be Washington” to uncancel Robert E. Lee.
Whether you revere Lee or revile him, it’s a great interview. Murray and Horn place Lee in the context of his times. I can hardly wait for Murray to uncancel Thomas Jefferson.
See it here