William Faulkner’s Last Words & the American (Southern) Dilemma

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The lesson of William Faulkner’s “Gold Medal” speech is both in the teaching it offers and in the method we must employ to grasp that meaning. It is a work of politi­cal imagination, drawing its rhetoric from the same fountainhead as poetry.

(The Imaginative Conservative) – The Summer of 1971, we Americans were removed by only half a decade from our country’s bicentennial of separate exist­ence.[1] As a whole people we approach therefore a season requiring the ritual of reflection and reassessment.[2] Mere accidents of calendar time do not, however, provide the principal impetus for the forthcoming exercises in cooperative introspection. For at no previous instance in our (for a mod­ern society) long history have the tensions built into our institutional beginnings been so close to the surface of the common life. Internecine conflict, greater than any we have known since the War Between the States, threatens our continuance as a genuine polity. Moreover, as is most ominous, on this occasion the conflict cuts across all the boundaries which have his­torically distinguished one American from another: This time the struggle touches all our self-definitions, in the process embody­ing serious doubts as to the viability of our past as precedent and of the forms for rea­sonable interaction, which are our richest inheritance from that depository.

There are, of course, many methods for formulating a diagnosis of what has brought the Republic to this hard pass: many explanatory strategies, most of them topical and pragmatic in both source and implication. This bill, that custom, or the other court decision is made a villain. But among the better professors of political philosophy and intellectual history, a pre­liminary consensus appears to be emerging.[3] Their opinion is, in brief, that our teetering…

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Understanding the War of Northern Aggression

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(UNZ Review) – Before I answer the questions it needs to be clearly stated that my answers are not merely my opinion, but hard facts supported in the historical record. Like John Maynard Keynes, I like to keep my views in accordance with the facts. In the case of what is called ‘the Civil War,’ the facts are clear enough.

Lincoln and the Republicans understood that the 2 March 1861 Morrill Tariff would result in secession of Southern states from the Union. On the same day in an effort to prevent secession, the Republicans passed and Lincoln endorsed the Corwin Amendment. The Corwin Amendment would have made it impossible for slavery to be abolished.

On 2 March 1861, in a futile attempt to prevent the secession of the slaveholding states, Congress proposed, and sent to the states for ratification, a constitutional amendment designed to protect slavery in the states where it existed.”

If the Republicans invaded the South to overthrow slavery, why did they pass a constitutional amendment that would have preserved slavery forever? If the South went to war in defense of slavery, why did the South not ratify the Corwin Amendment and remain in the Union?

These questions have been evaded by dishonest historians ever since the end of the war.

The war was a…

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Surprise! Court denies motion against City of Pensacola over removal of Confederate Monument

(Did you expect anything else from woke, petty tyrants in the Pensacola courthouse? We have to quit playing by THEIR rules in these Rigged Games! Read the Kennedys’ ‘Rules for Rebels!’ – DD)

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(WEAR) – WEAR News has the latest on a group’s fight for a confederate statue to return to Downtown Pensacola.

A hearing was held on Friday afternoon at the state court house.

The group claimed the city violated a court order when it removed the statue from the park.

Circuit Court Judge Jan Shackelford presided over the 2-hour hearing.

In the end, she denied a motion for contempt against the city of Pensacola.

The City of Pensacola’s move in 2020 to take down the statue sparked a legal battle over whether or not it should return.

Attorney Bruce Partington represents the city.

“At the most basic level, this is a case brought forth by a group who disagrees with a political decision that the dually elected legislative body of the city, the city council made, that it no longer, as a city, wants to speak, in a particular way — to a monument that venerates the confederacy, and has a checkered history,” Partington said.

Pensacola resident Pam Lawson testified about it’s importance historically, and personally, during Friday afternoon’s hearing.

‘The whole park and the cenotaph were important to my childhood. My grandfather used to take me to Lee’s Square for lunch and picnics,” Lawson said.

The “Ladies Memorial Association” originally sued to stop the removal of the confederate monument at Lee Square, resulting in the restraining order.

Attorney David McCallister represents…

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Woke Fairfax School board proposes changing namesake of Woodson High School

(You guessed it. They want to rename it for a ‘civil rights pioneer.’ In this case, he was also the ‘father’ of black revisionist history, like todays earlier Stonehenge article… – DD)

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(Fairfax Now) – Woodson High School may soon drop “W.T.” from the beginning of its name.

The Fairfax County School Board launched a formal process last week to consider renaming the school just outside Fairfax City, adding it to a growing list of local institutions and landmarks whose monikers have been reevaluated in recent years.

Crediting students with advocating for change, the school board has suggested adopting scholar Dr. Carter G. Woodson — the “Father of Black History” — as the school’s namesake in place of Wilbur Tucker Woodson, whose long tenure as Fairfax County Public Schools superintendent included opposition to desegregation.

“I truly believe it will be and can be a remarkable moment for our county, for a solemn reckoning of our county and our Commonwealth’s segregationist past and a reconciliation and a healing,” said Braddock District School Board Representative Megan McLaughlin, who introduced the proposal at a work session on Sept. 12.

The proposal was co-sponsored by six other school board members, including all three at-large members and three other members — Karl Frisch (Providence), Ricardy Anderson (Mason) and Laura Jane Cohen (Springfield) — who also represent portions of the Woodson area.

Now serving over 2,400 students, Woodson was the largest school in Fairfax County and Virginia when it originally opened its doors in fall 1962 — just over a year after W.T. Woodson retired in June 1961, according to FCPS.

Appointed superintendent from 1929 to 1961, Woodson oversaw FCPS as it evolved from…

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Once Upon a Time in Dixie…

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(Reckonin’) – The following is an excerpt from an article by a man named Troy Cauley. It is titled “Hindsight” and was first printed in the Southern Partisan over 30 years ago. If one can appreciate anything beyond “modernity” as to life’s heart such as: family, tradition, manners, love, friendship and at the same time cease worshipping gold, silver, technology, “industrial revolutions” and the Federal Reserve (The Devil’s gatekeeper for man) this excerpt is, while not an elixir, a wonderful description and a light salve for life as perhaps God meant it to be lived, as on-this-earth flawed and sinful man.

This concept is for conservatives who truly “conserve” and understand characteristics such as Jeffersonianism’s heartbeat of localism and self- governing. Conservatism is not Ayn Rand and/or foreign wars.

God made His “chosen people” into twelve tribes—not a single “national” one.

When most people (I hope) look into their past, the locus AND focus are on the home, the family—and to those kind memories that God has planted in us.

Now, enough of my babbling. Mr. Cauley from here:

Technological progress in the past century has been outstanding in the field of transportation. Let’s illustrate it. When I was a small boy in central Texas (1930s) we lived about nine miles from the county seat, a town of three or four thousand people. In the fall we took a bale of cotton to town in a wagon. With a load of this sort, the team of horses walked about four miles an hour along the dirt road, thus taking a little over two hours for the trip. A short time ago (1980s) I flew from Texas to California in a 747 jet in about the same length of time. That looks like incredible progress. Let’s examine it more closely.

On the flight to California I saw virtually nothing of the country. From an elevation of 36.000 feet, all we saw were some weather-beaten clouds. Our seats were narrow and jammed together, but I visited with no one. Nobody showed any interest in me. I was in a crowd but it was a very lonely crowd.

On the trip to town with the bale of cotton, we visited with fellow travelers along the way. We exchanged hearty greetings with neighbors as they sat on their porches. My brother and I had the whole…

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