7 times Democrats and their allies were ‘above the law’

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Donald Trump’s arrest and when Democrats and their allies are ‘above the law’

(Las Vegas Review-Journal) The unprecedented arrest of Donald Trump highlights how the application of the law frequently depends on the political affiliation of the suspect.

On Tuesday, Trump was arrested in New York City. He faces dozens of felony charges related to paying hush money to two women over alleged affairs. Trump isn’t just a former president. He’s the leading GOP candidate for the 2024 nomination.

Arresting and potentially imprisoning the leader of the out-of-power party is unprecedented in America. And for good reason. The potential for abuse is high. Arresting your political opponents when you control the levers of power is a lot easier than defeating them in a free and fair election. Look around the world. Dictators have long imprisoned their political opponents to cement their rule.

Many Democrats insist that’s not happening here. Sen. Elizabeth Warren said the indictment showed that “no one is above the law, not even a former president of the United States.” Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford echoed the same talking point, “Nobody — former presidents included — is above the law.”

But look around. Prominent Democrats and those whom Democrats have deemed as politically favored routinely break the law without…

Donald Trump’s arrest and when Democrats and their allies are ‘above the law’ | VICTOR JOECKS | Las Vegas Review-Journal