Another First Shot in biden’s CWII

(Stop with the silly-arse media articles about coming Civil War. It’s already here and has been seething for some time. It started slow and is heating up. Pick a side or one will be chosen for you when the SHTF. – DD)
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Eliza Fletcher abduction: Memphis police find body near where billionaire heiress went missing

(FOX) Authorities say they have found a body near where Eliza Fletcher was abducted while jogging in Memphis last week.
The Memphis Police Department said officers in the 1600 block of Victor Street located a "deceased party" just after 5 p.m.
The identity of the body and the cause of death have not been confirmed at this point. The investigation is ongoing at this time.
Fox News observed between 15 and 20 police cars, including a mobile command center, on East Person Avenue and Victor Street…Read the rest