Arrogance: FBI Blames Americans, Doesn’t Look at Self

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FBI bulletin warns of ‘dirty bomb’ threat, increasing calls for ‘civil war’ after raid of Mar-a-Lago
The FBI and DHS bulletin states that one particular threat involved the placement of a ‘so-called Dirty Bomb in front of FBI headquarters’

(Can you believe we’re paying for this 💩?
Does anyone remember back before Y2K when the FBI basically warned that Jerry Falwell was going to team up the KKK and other "Right-Wing Militia Interests" to overthrow the government during the confusion of an upheaval that didn’t happen? Yeah, that and all the other hype has always panned out hasn’t it? In the mean time they ignored real threats.
This is just another politically motivated smear campaign, just like all the others over the years. How many people have lost their jobs, their families. and some, even their lies due to the phony uber-American propaganda spewed by the FBI, their gov’t-funded pet organizations, and repeated by the media? Is it any wonder the common people do not trust any of them?
A good psychologist would tell the elite that if you’re so unliked by others, then maybe it’s not their fault. Perhaps it’s time for a little self-examination. – DD)
(FOX) A bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation was sent to law enforcement agencies warning of increased threats following the FBI’s execution of the search warrant at former President Trump’s Florida estate.
In the days since the warrant was executed, the FBI and DHS have seen an increase in "violent threats" against law enforcement, judiciary and government personnel, including a particular threat to "place a so-called Dirty Bomb in front of FBI headquarters," according to the bulletin.
"General calls" for "civil war" and "armed rebellion" have also increased in recent days on social media…Read the rest

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