Biden Illegally Rewrites ObamaCare

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The Biden administration is changing provisions of the Affordable Care Act in order to greatly expand it.

(Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post) Joe Biden is not a king, but he often acts like one. The latest example is his decision to unilaterally rewrite a portion of the misnamed Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as ObamaCare.
At the time the controversial ObamaCare was passed, conservatives warned that it was a stepping stone to the eventual complete takeover of healthcare by the federal government. Democrats have long been in love with the concept of single-payer government healthcare and have continued to sing its praises by referencing European models.
Of course, the sinister underbelly of this dream is that it would establish one of the biggest socialist programs ever implemented in America, as healthcare spending equates to one-fifth of the nation’s GDP.
So, back to ObamaCare. In order to get the controversial law across the finish line, the Obama administration limited the scope of those who qualified for insurance premium subsidies to individuals whose employer did not provide “affordable” insurance plans. The means for measuring this…Read the rest