biden’s FBI Set to Go Scorched Earth and Arrest a Thousand more J6 Demonstrators

(While the establishment screams. Russia, Russia, Russia,” they are channeling their inner Stalin and criminalizing dissent in the USSA –

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(Freedom First Network) Today, The Two Mikes hosted John Pierce who owns the firm John Pierce Law.

He and his firm have for several years been focused on defending the people who have been illegally imprisoned by the Biden regime for demonstrating on January 6, 2021.

Mr. Pierce said that over a thousand Americans have been arrested and that the word on the street is that the FBI intends to wage a “scorched earth campaign” to arrest a thousand more in the coming weeks.

In response to our question about why so few lawyers are willing to come to the aid of illegally jailed people. Mr. Pierce said that one of the reasons is that some lawyers are afraid of various forms of retaliation if they try to help. Mr. Pierce also said that the dominant reason for the paucity of patriotic lawyers, however, is that most U.S. lawyers are hard-leftists and have been educated in elite hard-left law schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Yale as well as scores of other law schools.

These men and women are trained to believe…

Biden’s FBI Set to Go Scorched Earth and Arrest a Thousand more J6 Demonstrators – Freedom First Network