biden’s Heroin Needle vending machines coming to Kentucky

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Hooray for Kentucky! The Biden Administration Wants to Install Drug Paraphernalia Vending Machines.

(PJ Media) The Bluegrass State is the latest winner in Joe Biden’s “Make America Portland” sweepstakes. Citing the drug problem in Appalachian Kentucky, the National Institutes of Health has floated a plan to install vending machines that dispense drug paraphernalia for PWID. That, my friends, is the latest in newspeak and stands for People Who Inject Drugs. Also known as drug users. From the NIH:

Evidence suggests that PWID in the region want a range of harm reduction service models, and among those who report stigma as a reason for not using the staffed SSPs, (syringe service programs) the most desired model is a vending machine, or ‘kiosk’. Harm reduction kiosks have been operating globally for more than 30 years and research has demonstrated that they can expand syringe access. Yet very few kiosks operate in the U.S., and none operate in rural areas where they might be especially beneficial. Research suggests that kiosks might be a cost-effective way to expand syringe access when coupled with staffed SSPs but their implementation, impact, and cost-effectiveness have not been rigorously evaluated. In response, we propose a type 1 hybrid effectiveness trial to test the effectiveness, implementation outcomes, and cost effectiveness of a community-tailored, harm reduction kiosk in reducing HIV, hepatitis C, and overdose risk behavior in rural Appalachia. Our kiosk, or KyOSK (KY Outreach Service Kiosk), will be supplied with injection equipment,…

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