Big Tech Tries to Buy Congress!

(A quarter billion! It must be the Biden-flation. Usually, they’re cheaper than that! – DD)

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Big Tech Spent $250M to Buy Off The U.S. Congress.

(National Pulse) – Big Tech corporations including Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook spent at least a quarter a billion dollars killing legislation aimed at regulating their censorship of conservatives, as well as generally reining in their power.

Republicans concerned about censorship worked alongside Democrats championing unions to pass bills with bipartisan majorities. None of them made it to the floor of either chamber of Congress, despite public support for regulating Big Tech.

Democrats are reluctant to aggravate Silicon Valley at a time when Big Tech continues to toss cash at the party and wage and ideological war on alleged “hate speech” and “misinformation”. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised millions from tech bosses before breaking a promise to…

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