BLM Leader Allegedly Stole $10 million

(Insert Big Tears Here. It’s what leftists do… – DD)
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Fraudulent! Black Lives Matter Leader Allegedly Stole Donors’ $10m

(Trending Politics) Black Lives Matter current leader was accused of taking $10 million off donors. In a complaint filed Thursday, Black Lives Matter Grassroots charged the BLM Global Network Organization and its executive secretary, Shalomyah Bowers, with unlawfully leeching over $10 million in “fees” to Bowers’ consultancy firm. The lawsuit claims Bowers used the BLM Global Network Foundation as his “personal piggy bank” and functioned as a “rogue administrator” and “middle man turned tyrant.”
The BLM Global Network Foundation collected almost $90 million after George Floyd’s police homicide in 2020. Bowers is a close colleague of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who retired in May 2021 over her real estate transactions.
Melina Abdullah, BLM-Los Angeles co-founder, accused Bowers of shutting down her and other leaders’ social media pages in March.
Abdullah says the BLM Global Network Foundation has $100 million. She charged the directors on the board with self-dealing, profiting from the movement’s sweat, blood, and tears…Read the rest