Border Blood on biden’s Hands

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Biden’s Actions Has Allowed Unprecedented Number of Deaths at Our Borders

(Trending Politics) t appears that the year 2022 will set an unimaginable new record for the number of people killed in border-related incidents along the United States-Mexico border.
According to Priscilla Alvarez, a reporter for CNN, there have been 748 deaths along the southern border of the United States since October. This number represents an increase from the 557 deaths that occurred during the previous fiscal year.
According to Alvarez, this year has the potential to be the worst year and the bloodiest fiscal year. An official from the Department of Homeland Security has informed him that there have been 748 casualties along the southwest frontier so far in this fiscal year. That number is with still one month left in the fiscal year. To put this into perspective, there were 557 deaths recorded in the prior fiscal year (2021), whereas there were only 247 deaths recorded in the fiscal year 2020.
These estimates are based solely on the fatalities that have been verified by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which means that there may be hundreds more deaths that have not been reported…Read the rest