Conservative Outlets Face Cyberattacks After Reporting On Alleged Recordings Of Joe And Hunter Biden

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(Daily Wire) Multiple Right-leaning media outlets were hit with DDoS cyberattacks just minutes after reporting on the bombshell news that a foreign national who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden has audio recordings of his conversations with them.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said the FBI possesses a file containing 15 recordings of conversations between a Burisma executive and Hunter Biden and two recordings between the executive and then-Vice President Joe Biden. Conservative news outlets The Post Millennial, the DC Enquirer, and Human Events all said they were targeted by cyberattacks after covering the story. Other conservative sites that reported on the revelations, including The Daily Wire, did not come under attack and it was not clear that there was any connection.

“How strange that our site would be targeted with a DDoS attack just minutes after we release breaking news that basically confirms Joe and Hunter Biden’[s] corruption,” The Post Millennial tweeted.

Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec told podcast host Tim Pool Monday night that his team informed him that the outlet was facing “a deliberate attempt to take down” the website minutes after…

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