#CW2 – Tragedy averted at Texas Homecoming Game

(What could have been another opening volley of Civil War 2 was narrowly averted thanks to an anonymous tip – DD)
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Cops Post Up Outside Homecoming Game After Disturbing Tip, 43 Minutes Later Know They Have Their Guys

(Western Journal) The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office in Texas said it averted a potential mass shooting thanks to a perceptive good Samaritan who alerted authorities about the deadly threat.
“We could’ve had a serious mass casualty situation,” Sheriff Bill Waybourn told KDFW-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth on Sept. 19.
Waybourn said a tipster informed one of his deputies that “there was a person heading toward homecoming at Everman and intended to shoot people there.”
Authorities said Brandon Gipson and Isaac Cooper, both 18, had planned to shoot multiple people at a Sept. 16 homecoming football game at Everman High School in Everman, a suburb of Fort Worth.
Thanks to a confidential informant who had knowledge of the deadly plot, law enforcement arrested Cooper and Gipson in the high school parking lot about 43 minutes after the tip was called in…Read the rest