Election Crimes Unit Makes Another Bust in Florida

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DeSantis’ Election Crime Unit Makes Another Major Illegal Voting Arrest Connected to Elections in Multiple States

(Flag & Cross) As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues his effort to ensure the integrity of Florida’s election process, he is discovering the one thing leftists say does not exist; voter fraud.
DeSantis just announced that his Election Crime Unit has found yet another instance of voter fraud with the announced arrest of Cheryl Ann Leslie, who has been charged with casting multiple ballots in more than one state.
The 55-year-old Florida citizen was arrested and charged on two third-degree felony counts of voter fraud for voting in several elections in both Alaska and Florida, Florida’s Voice News reported.
The Florida Secretary of State’s office told the media that Leslie sent in an absentee ballot to Alaska and then also voted in person in Palm Beach County during the state’s early voting time…Read the rest