Expect More Mostly-Peaceful Protests

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Expect Antifa terror to ramp up as abortion rallies hit the streets
Antifa poses a greater threat to the community with pro-abortion rallies, than it did during BLM protests

(Jason Rantz, Fox) Violent Antifa activists are active again in Portland and Seattle, inspired by a leaked draft of a Supreme Court decision this week reversing Roe v. Wade. Neither city is ready for a repeat of Black Lives Matter-inspired left-wing riots and vandalism. But Antifa is now more dangerous than ever.
Antifa operates most effectively during left-wing movements where they rely on partisan media outlets and like-minded politicians to either justify or ignore their violence. It’s one reason why they pose an enormous threat as pro-abortion activists take to the streets to protest a Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade…
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