Fear in the Memphis War Zone

(There was a time I felt safer in Memphis than in Little Rock. Now it’s a toss-up. I voted with my feet and moved far away from both – DD)
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Inner-city Memphis residents sound off on safety after livestreamed shooting, Eliza Fletcher killing
Memphis locals give mixed answers on whether the city is a safe place to live

(FOX) People in Memphis, Tennessee, sounded off on the city’s crime rate after a teacher was abducted and killed and after a gunman went on a livestreamed shooting spree.
"Right now the kids ain’t going to no community centers or nothing, learning anything," Larry said. "Bunch of gangs got ‘em. They’re picking up guns, smoking weed."
But another Memphis woman, Willette, said: "It’s like everywhere else to me, the crime rates, everything."
It’s still a safe place, you just got to watch your surroundings," she continued. "I don’t care wherever you go, it’s bad. Not just Memphis."
A gunman went on a shooting rampage in Memphis, killing four and injuring three others during a Facebook livestream on Sept. 8. Days earlier, Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher was abducted and killed. Memphis ex-con Cleotha Henderson was charged with first-degree murder and faces a slew of other charges related to the case.
One man told Fox News it was not safe "in the hood."…
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