Fiddling while Blue Atlanta burns, again

(You get what you vote for. How many real crimes occured while this was going on? – DD)
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Atlanta Police Sends SWAT Team to Catch a Vandal

(PJ Media) In 2014, Atlanta-based LGBTQ activist Robert Sepulveda, Jr. started a movement to paint a rainbow crosswalk in Atlanta. The city painted rainbow colors across the crosswalks at the intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue just in time for the 2015 pride festivities in Atlanta — which inexplicably don’t take place during Pride Month.
The crosswalk has its own website, and the LGBTQETC community in Atlanta treats the crosswalk as if it’s some sort of monument. Atlanta has the third-largest gay community among major U.S. cities, with Seattle having recently taken over the #2 spot. (Do better, Atlanta!)
“What we’d like you to know is that, this is not just an LGBT issue and these are not just painted crosswalks; The crosswalks themselves will bring the advancement of unity and awareness of human rights through public art,” the website crows. “We all know Atlanta is in the center of the Deep South with religion being at the core of many family bonds as well as very rural areas only minutes away from Midtown.”
Speaking of religion, the crosswalk has sacred meaning to the left in Atlanta. Anytime someone leaves tire marks on the precious crosswalks, the community goes up in arms. Nobody ran over an American flag or plowed into an old lady; it’s paint on asphalt! The reaction to any slight defacement of this holy grail of leftist virtue-signaling…Read the rest