Go Woke, Go Broke. It’s for Real!

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CNN, Politico indicate that ‘go woke, go broke’ applies to news organizations
New owners want nonpartisan coverage at CNN, Politico but conservatives are skeptical

(FOX) The expression "go woke, go broke" has picked up steam in recent years as companies that embrace liberal ideology have suffered, but new ownership at CNN and Politico indicate the catchphrase can apply to news organizations, too.
"CNN is learning the hard way that going hard left is bad for ratings and bad for business. Now a new German owner is trying to rid Politico of its liberal excess. Will this increase readers? It’s not working at all at CNN, perhaps because the damage is already done. Politico went all in on anti-Trump behavior, and it will be hard to come back from that," a longtime media executive told Fox News Digital.
CNN famously drifted from a just-the-facts news organization to a partisan network loaded with liberal opinion hosts under former boss Jeff Zucker. But a long-planned merger put CNN under the control of newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery earlier this year – only a few months after Warner Bros. Discovery John Malone declared CNN should "evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and actually have journalists,"…Read the rest