Government Supremacist Fake News Drowns Out Reality

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The dominance of America’s false narratives

(Deception.News) Those Americans who have gained awareness that the US print and TV media and NPR are lie machines can find, if they search hard enough, a few websites, such as this one, and podcasters, such as Greg Hunter USA Watchdog, that endeavor to provide real, valid information as opposed to the narratives constructed to serve the agendas of the ruling elite.
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Two English language Russian media, RT and Sputnik, and the new US Epoch Times also provide information not provided by the US media. I check RT, Sputnik, Epoch Times several times each day. Information appears that cannot be found anywhere in Western media. But what I have noticed is that these alternative news sites also convey the fake Western narratives. Russia based news organizations are very much under the influence of Western presstitutes…Read the rest