Heinous crimes committed by illegal migrants under scrutiny ahead of 2024 election

(The blood on the left’s hands will not wash away – DD)

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“We deported illegal alien gang members,” Trump said.

(Just the News) – Recent heinous crimes — from rape to murder — committed by illegal aliens are under scrutiny as more migrants enter the United States, making it a hot topic ahead of the 2024 election.

“We need borders. We have to stop the invasion of people into our country. And you know who’s coming in? Prisoners, people from mental institutions, terrorists are coming into our country and millions and millions and millions of people,” former President Donald Trump said Saturday at a rally in Pennsylvania.

He also told a story about a “psychiatrist” who headed up a “mental institution in a South American country” who was extremely busy. The man reportedly said that changed when “all of our people [were] emptied out into the United States,” according to Trump.

Trump has told variations of this story on several occasions, but it could not be independently verified.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has arrested more than 9,200 migrants with criminal convictions so far this fiscal year, which started in October, data shows. Most of those migrants…

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