High Prices ARE the Biden Energy Strategy

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Media outlets complain that his climate agenda is being hampered, but economic pain is the agenda.

(Micheal Swartz, Patriot Post) As the nation transitions into summer driving season, there are places in the country where the pump price has dropped slightly over the few days. Heck, the AAA national average gas price has ticked down from over $5 to a relative bargain $4.95. But high energy prices are still foremost in mind for millions of Americans who are planning car travel, have longer commutes, or work in the very hard-hit trucking industry.
Many of the Democrat-leaning institutions of the mainstream media have noticed this as well, but the problem is different for them: How do we square the circle of maintaining the current fossil-fuel dependent economy while working on pie-in-the-sky climate goals set when oil was a whole lot cheaper and easier to come by?
For one good example, we can look no further than The Washington Post, which makes the case by promoting a report that the oil and gas leasing program Joe Biden tried to kill off before relenting slightly in recent days “undercuts Biden’s climate goals.” Then again, …Read the rest at the Patriot Post