Joe Sold 950,000 Barrels of US Oil to Chinese While We Do Without

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Both Bidens Caught: Joe Sold 950,000 Barrels of US Oil to Chinese Company Hunter Has Big Tie To

(Flag and Cross) With energy prices putting the squeeze on household budgets throughout the country, the Biden Administration announced plans in April to tap the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gas prices.
At the time, a Department of Energy news release said this action would “address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump as a result of Putin’s Price Hike and to help lower energy costs. That includes President [Joe] Biden authorizing the release of 1 million barrels per day from the SPR for the next six months.”
As the amount of oil in the SPR has fallen to its lowest level since 1986, a Department of Energy spokesperson told Reuters, “The SPR remains a critical energy security tool to address global crude oil supply disruptions…Read the rest at Flag and Cross