Judges and Judicial Rulings at the Heart of Wokeness

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(John Kline, LewRockwell.Com) Analysts Eric Kaufmann and Zach Goldberg mark the birth of wokeness at around the mid-2010s. Each point to survey datashowing a majority of white liberals for the first time during this period agreeing with statements like black inequality is caused by white oppression, and generally expressing more positive sentiments towards minorities than their own racial group. They describe these changes as marking a cultural shift in America, at least among the country’s progressives.
Others like Christopher Caldwell and Richard Hanania say this shift is simply a reflection of existing civil rights law, and that much of what we call wokeness today (i.e. emphasizing racial identity and group entitlement over individual merits, or equality of results over opportunity, etc.) is actually traceable to 1964’s Civil Rights Act. It’s an interesting observation for several reasons, not least because it seems to reverse well-known maxims like law and politics is downstream from culture or that law cannot change hearts. It also points to wokeness being more of a top-down social revolution, rather than a natural phenomenon.
To add to their general position, it really…

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