Kamala’s Criminals

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Murder Charges Filed Against Criminal Released From Jail By Social Justice Group Championed By VP Harris

(Tampa Free Press) In June 2020, immediately after Minneapolis resident George Floyd died in police custody, then-Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris urged people to bail out the rioters.
“If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” Harris, a Democratic presidential contender, tweeted at the time about a nonprofit group that was working to free the vandals.
“You are funding domestic terrorism.” conservative activist Mike Cernvich tweeted back at Harris.
Turns out it was something worse. A frequent felon freed by the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) has been charged with murder.
It’s now the second time such a thing has happened.
The Washington Free Beacon reported on Monday that Shawn Michael Tillman, who had been bailed out by the MFF, was charged with fatally shooting a passenger on a commuter rail platform in St. Paul.
The Free Beacon noted that Tillman’s criminal record includes at least seven counts of indecent exposure, including one involving a minor that resulted in his conviction in November 2018. He also has rung up charges of assault and illegal possession of a gun.
As Fox News reported on Tuesday, Tillman was bailed out April 29 after being arrested on an indecent exposure allegation. He reportedly shot the St. Paul murder victim six times on May 20, killing him. Fox noted Tillman supposedly had a “beef” with the victim…Read the rest