Leftists, Epstein Clients more equal than others

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Epstein Island Is the Perfect Representation of the Two-Tiered Justice System
There is evidence of pure evil committed by powerful men of the world. It’s sitting in someone’s safe, someone’s vault, or someone’s hard drive. And we likely will never see it.

(NOQ Report) lease indulge me for a short observation, a break from my daily fight against The Great Reset, Pandemic Panic Theater, and Neo-Marxism. Imagine if an Average Joe Citizen had evidence against him that he had sex with underage girls. You don’t have to imagine it, actually, because we see it in the news on a regular basis. Average Joe Pedophile would almost certainly be arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and jailed.
Now, imagine if leftists entered the Capitol Building without authorization. You don’t have to imagine it, actually, because that’s exactly what happened in June when the “Colbert 9 Insurrectionists” did it. And of course, these leftists were released after a short time being under arrest with no further repercussions.
Welcome to the two-tiered justice system in the United States…Read the rest