Now Democracy is Discrimination in GA

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(US) Supreme Court Blocks Elections for Georgia Public Service Commission
High court sides with district judge who found current method of election discriminates against black voters

(Epoch Times) The Supreme Court issued an emergency order on Aug. 19 blocking upcoming elections for Georgia’s Public Service Commission, upholding a lower court ruling that found that the election rules currently in place discriminate against black voters.
The order is unusual because, in recent years, the high court has generally been reluctant to side with voters over state officials in disputes over election rules, especially when the court has been asked to act in an emergency posture.
The state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) regulates electric, natural gas, and telecommunications companies. There are five elected commissioners. Since 1906, commissioners have been elected on a statewide at-large basis.
Elections for two of the five seats were scheduled for Nov. 8. If the legal dispute isn’t resolved soon, those elections might not proceed…Read the rest