PAYBACK! Peter Meijer House impeachment RINO to lose primary

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Rep. Peter Meijer becomes second House Republican who voted for Trump impeachment to lose primary

(CNN) Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan, one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump last year, has lost to a fervent election denier running with Trump’s support, CNN projected early Wednesday.
Republicans in Michigan and Arizona – two states at the center of Trump’s 2020 election denial campaign – voted on Tuesday in primaries for crucial federal and state contests as the shape of the 2022 midterms comes into focus less than a hundred days from Election Day.
Trump’s pick will win the GOP gubernatorial nod in Michigan, CNN projects. In Arizona, local election officials were still counting (or Concealing? – DD) votes to determine whether a slate of statewide candidates who were endorsed by Trump…

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