Rampant Dem Demonization propaganda ahead of mid-terms

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Democrats go to extremes with fascist and Nazi labeling ahead of midterms
Political scholar warns that calling opponents fascists is rarely a successful strategy

(Washington Times) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Democrats are tagging their Republican opponents with extreme labels ahead of the midterm elections and linking the party to violence, fascism and Nazis.
They have been employing the tactic in tandem with President Biden, who will deliver a prime-time speech Thursday to call the Republican Party a threat to democracy and a threat to “the soul of America.”
Democratic lawmakers are far ahead of Mr. Biden when it comes to tagging Republicans with extreme labels. They have been making the case all summer that the Republican Party is steering the country toward violence, fascism and the resurgence of the Nazi flag.
One leading target is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Democrats say the Republican is an authoritarian and a fascist who has encouraged dangerous fringe groups to emerge in his state…Read the rest